Breg Adventure Park

BREG ADVENTURE PARK VAL DI BREGUZZO in the GIUDICARIE is an Adventure Park with over 130 exciting activities divided into 10 trails of varying difficulties. 
Located at the entrance of the Adamello Brenta Nature Park in a large meadow with areas equipped for picnics in the heart of Val di Breguzzo in Trentino (Italy), it is able to offer emotions and great fun in complete safety. 
Completely surrounded by nature, it is possible to tackle trails designed to test your agility and has been conceived for the whole family. Each family member can be suspended in the air between tree trunks, breathtaking ropeways, walkways and rope bridges linking one tree to another while being followed by specialist instructors. It is one of the first parks in Italy to fully adopt the Bornack security system which allows you to face any trail in complete safety but without losing any of the thrills. 
Do you want to spend an entire adventurous day with your group? Try the NEW ORIENTEERING trail, challenge your friends armed only with a map and compass to find all the hidden points in the quickest time! (This offer is reserved for groups and only on request) 
BREG ADVENTURE PARK VAL BREGUZZO is the ideal choice for a fun and exciting day surrounded by nature with friends and family.

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Località Chiesetta Alpina, Breguzzo TN
38081 Breguzzo (TN)